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In this day and age it is very rewarding and comforting to make a major decision for the long-term security of your family. Over 14 years ago we decided upon the Kinghorn Heritage Family to create our family trust. Through the years it became very evident that this decision was a major and necessary step for a secure future in an ever-changing legal climate. The Kinghorn Family has been a close friend that has always been there to serve our family.

Gary and Velma T.


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A loved one has passed

Trust Administration

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I need to plan

Living Trust, Wills, Power of Attorney, Beneficiary Designations

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I need to pay for long-term care

Medicaid (ALTCS), VA Benefits, Asset Protection

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Protect my business

Business Planning,
Creation, and Succession

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We Help People. It's What We Do. It's What We Love. It's Why We Exist.


We were raised to help and serve others, so it is no surprise we often find ourselves in the middle of our clients’ problems. Whether a client is trying to find peace of mind by planning for his or her death or disability or a family member of a client has passed away, guiding our clients and their loved ones through a complex maze of laws and regulations is what we love to do. And it’s what we do best.

We know most of our clients aren’t experts in the law of trusts, nor do they know the intricate tax laws. Our clients aren’t expert probate lawyers or know what it takes to get an ailing parent qualified for VA or Medicaid benefits. Very few of our clients know the traps or pitfalls to avoid when setting up an LLC or other business structure.

But our clients know that we know how to help, which is why so many clients have come to us at these critical times in their lives. Our fulfillment comes from the service we give to our community and to others. Perhaps that is why we have become such good friends with so many of our clients and their families.